week of engineering expos will be held nationwide in auckland, wellington and christchurch

Free Expos nationwide

The Engineering Expos will take place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on Saturday 18 August, 10am–4pm.

The Week of Engineering public expos are free and ideal for all children and young people (including the kid inside all of us!). They're perfect for a family outing, and offer the chance for everyone to learn more about real-world engineering projects and the latest innovations like virtual reality and drones, and participate in interactive activities.

What's on offer...

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Who's going to be there...

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And many more...


- Aurecon New Zealand Limited
- Beca Auckland
- City Rail Link Limited
- Institution of Civil Engineers
- Engineers Without Borders
- Engineering New Zealand
- GHD NZ Ltd
- Harrison Grierson (Auckland)
- Markplan Consulting Ltd
- Massey
- Mevo
- NZ Defence Force
- Sportech Engineering Ltd
- Stantec New Zealand
- University of Auckland
- Tonkin + Taylor
- Watercare
- WSP Opus
- Rocket Lab
- Xero


- Aurecon
- Beca
- Engineers Without Borders NZ
- Engineering New Zealand
- GHD NZ Ltd
- Harrison Grierson
- Hutt City Council
- Jacobs New Zealand Limited
- Massey University
- Meridian Energy
- Mevo
- New Zealand Defence Force
- NZ Oil and Gas
- Stantec New Zealand
- Tonkin+Taylor
- Transmission Gully
- Transpower
- Wellington Institute of Technology
- Wellington Water
- WSP Opus
- Xero


- AECOM and Transpower
- Ara Institute of Canterbury
- Babbage Consultants Limited
- Batchelar McDougall Consulting Ltd
- Beca Ltd
- BVT Engineering
- Engineering New Zealand
- Engineers Without Borders NZ
- Jacobs
- Merdian Energy
- Orion/Connetics
- New Zealand Defence Force
- Stantec New Zealand
- Tonkin+Taylor
- NZ Centre for Earth & Space Technology
- University of Canterbury
- Vodafone Xone
- SLI Systems
- Imagination Station
- UC Māori Development
- WSP Opus

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University of Auckland Science Centre 

23 Symonds St, Auckland


Shed 6

4 Queens Wharf, Wellington

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[tek_map map_name=”” map_latitude=”-43.5219174″ map_longitude=”172.5823676,18″ map_zoom=”15″ map_style=”gmap_style_grayscale” map_toggle=”map-toggle-off” map_height=”325px”]


Canterbury University’s College of Engineering

69 Creyke Street, Christchurch

Want to know more?

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